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 is a quiz, podcast, and coaching to help you find what you love to do and sell yourself with confidence, whether the dream gig is a job, freelance service or business.  

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“Jette taught me to create systems that would allow me to make money while I sleep... She understood my vision and helped me organize my ideas into a practical plan that I’ve applied over the last year. And I’m now about to begin living the way I’ve dreamed of for many years. Independent, doing what I love and confident in what I have to offer the world. It’s truly been a co-creative experience working with Jette.”

- Jade Hassouné 

Ready to see how he did it?

 You want options to design a job, freelance service or business to fit your situation, and...

Growing A Career Should Not Be A Mystery

When you don't have the tools to find what you love to do, sell yourself with confidence, and create flexibility between landing your dream job or starting a business, you put a lot at risk...

1. Struggling to sell yourself
  • You don't know what to say to sell yourself, and your mind goes blank in an interview with an employer or with a client for your business so you miss opportunities.

  • You struggle to negotiate the right opportunities, set boundaries and create the work-life balance so you don't have the flexibility to travel and live how you want 

2. Feel like you’ve wasted time and energy
  • You can spend enormous amounts of time pursuing a career you're not excited about or a business idea that won't make any money so you get stuck in the #1 reason businesses and job searchers fail - an untested business idea or career path. 

  • You've wasted time (and maybe money) trying to sell yourself for a job or your products and services for a business, but you aren't getting the right responses.  

  • You got the degrees and credentials thinking you'd earned your spot. Now you're wondering why you're struggling to be seen and access higher-paying opportunities or grab client attention. 

3. Don’t know where to start
  • You have so many specialists who teach you ONE thing so you end up with too many steps and feel like you're missing pieces of the puzzle, overthinking it every step of the way

  • You're tired of the conflicting advice and information overload when you ask your questions to Google or YouTube, leaving you spending hours filtering through to find conflicting answers

4. Don’t know how to choose your best option
  • You did what you were supposed to do  based on how you were taught to build success - but it's not turning into a reliable growing career path doing what you enjoy. 

  • You don't know how to narrow down to your best option. A lot of things interest you in theory, but you’re scared the day-to-day work will be boring and you’re not sure how to test if you’ll like it

5. Think you’re not ready or have to wait
  • You think you should be an "expert" or have decades of experience to achieve growth because you're taught to "wait your turn" so you feel stuck in the same place for too long 

  • You feel underpaid, undervalued and overworked and you're trying your best to avoid burnout but your work isn't aligned with your life so it's draining your soul

  I got tired of...

hearing people talk about the "big leap" to start a business or "overnight success" stories. 

Because the truth is: real growth is gradual and happens as you learn new tools and make different decisions and choices.


  • you should have a better job.
  • you need a better job while you start a business.
  • you're ready to start a business to meet your needs. 

You always want options in how you grow professionally. You should have one place to support you in unlocking your professional growth with more flexibility because...

If you don't have options, you feel stuck.


But what if...

There's a better way... 

...a way that doesn't involve years of self-sacrifice, or selling your soul to a job you can't stand. 

...a way that starts with you taking control of your own career instead of waiting around for someone to give you a shot. 

Yes, there’s a better way…

To have  one place  to learn how career growth works
...With  less conflicting advice  on what to do next
...And  less struggling  to figure out what to say to sell yourself
so you can  build a blueprint for growth  based on your unique situation

I'm not going to promise you that it will be easy. But I can promise you that it will be worth it. 

Ready to start loving your career again?



The Happy Career Formula

Three online course and coaching packages show you to design a career that aligns with your personal values, gives you the flexibility and freedom you crave, and allows you to make a real impact in the world.

 Because you deserve to love what you do. 


3 Coaching Packages


How does it work?

✔️ Build a foundation for success by finding what you love to do 
with a tested job or business idea that aligns with who you are and your life situation. 

✔️ After you find what you love to do, you can apply the principles to 
sell yourself to build a job, freelance service or business so you can start a career you love.

Think of these courses as your career GPS, getting you back on track and keeping you there for the long haul.  

Find What You Love to Do

Learn how to find and test a career or business idea you’ll love, so you can explain it in 90-seconds or less. With a tested idea, you'll have a foundation for building wealth.

Plus you'll avoid the #1 reason both new businesses and job searchers fail - an untested business idea or career path.

Land More Jobs You Love

Learn how to go from resumes to networking to tap into the hidden job market, so you can grab the attention of employers. Unlock better jobs with higher-salaries and flexibility. It's time to feel valued at work. 

It's not a numbers game - it shouldn’t require 100s of applications and rejections. Grab the attention of employers so they start calling you. 

Start a Business

Learn how to grow from business idea to systems to consistently attract clients, so you can build it to fit your lifestyle. Unlock a guide to build a happy business that aligns with who you are.

Never waste another dollar on ineffective marketing. You can design your business to fit your life goals, testing it every step of the way. 


Happy Career Formula (3 Course) Bundle

Get all 3 courses so you can flex between landing your dream job while also building a business.  


Not sure where to start?

Take this FREE assessment, where you'll answer a few quick questions so we can offer you tailored support. Let’s identify your stage of growth and the top progress killers slowing down your growth. No email required - it’s optional. It'll be easy to see which course(s) are right for you.

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Brittany Chung Campbell landed a better job and started a business. 

This felt like a robust crash course on how to start my business. Reminds me of high school cheat sheets where they break EVERYTHING down. 

...landed a book editing position with my favourite online publishing platform. Also Jette taught me how to become my own boss. With her help I’ve learned how to acquire clients, set up systems and how to retain clients by providing value and meeting their needs... I quit my job in the pandemic and replaced most of my income in 60 days while doing what I love.

The Happy Career for me means gaining and maintaining wealth by pursuing a job or business that aligns with soul or inner voice (like how people sometimes refer to their inner voice or soul as a compass that leads them to where they authentically want to go).”

- Brittany Chung Campbell

Ready to see exactly how she did it?

Hey there, I'm Jette Stubbs...

Your Career & Business Coach

When I graduated from university as an international student during a recession, I had 90 days to find a job or leave the country with 0 connections and no family in the country.

I went from 0 responses to 100+ applications to sending out to landing 7 interviews from 10 applications! Then, life threw me some major curveballs -

  • mom stabbed in a robbery (and lived),
  • dad diagnosed with dementia and had to quit job and move countries to caregive,
  • racist supervisor who corrected every word that sounded "foreign",
  • and more

- I needed more flexibility so I built a business to fit my life situation. The truth is: Making money cannot stop when life goes wrong.

I help people in the messy middle of professional growth - they want options and they know they have skills, but they're not sure how to connect their skills to the growth they want. What does this mean?

I help people have options for growth by understanding how to flex between attracting employers for jobs and clients for their business. I help them choose how to grow professionally based on their situation. 

I do this through a podcast, online courses and coaching teaching people to find what they love to do and sell themselves with confidence, whether the dream gig is a job, freelance service or business. I've taught over 1,200 people in over 40+ industries to unlock their professional growth.

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Plus after the call, I'll give you:

  • Complete 5-Day Crash Course on how to go from "no idea" to systems to sell on auto-pilot, whether the dream gig is a job, freelance service or business
  • Free fill-in-the blank formula to sell to clients or companies, without feeling pushy or forced
  • 3 listen-on-the-go audio-lessons to put the happy career formula in action with real client examples, so you can build your happy career too

You'll uncover exactly why Zoe M. called this, "career advice with soul."

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Don't know where to start?

There Are Life-Changing Moments That Each Of Us Face In Our Lives.

Moments that make us questions the things you were taught, circumstances that seem out of our control or impossible to fix. In these moments it's hard to keep working on your goals, but you have two options: to give up or strive for something that makes you happy.

If you're ready to stop feeling stuck and access tools you should have, then start the free assessment so you can identify the next steps you should take and support options available 

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