Who Am I & Why
You Should Listen to Me?


Hey, I'm Jette Stubbs.

Career & Business Coach, Creator of The Happy Career Formula. 

When I graduated from university as an international student during a recession, I had 90 days to find a job or leave the country with 0 connections and no family in the country.

I realized I had a ton of skills, but no idea how to market myself! I had to learn quickly. And I had a lot of self-doubt. I ended up going from 0% response rate to 100+ applications to a 70% response rate to 10 applications.

As a Career Coach, I have worked with career development across 40+ industries from aerospace engineering, business, healthcare, music, visual arts, zoology and so much more! I've worked with new graduates, graduate school applicants, seasoned professionals, and corporate executives.

While I was working, I experienced common and uncommon obstacles:

  • discrimination at work
  • living in a country without any family
  • mom stabbed in a robbery (and lived)
  • dad diagnosed with dementia when I was 25, and had to move countries to take care of him

Eventually, I realized I didn't want just any job. I want to build a way to make money that aligns with who I am and more importantly, my situation.

Eventually, I wanted to
leave the 9-to-5....

I started my own business when life was throwing me curveballs, so I needed to create more flexibility. I talk about the obstacles I faced on my career and business journey in the podcast. 

Now, every chance I get infront of an aspiring and new  entrepreneur, I help them avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes we all make in the beginning:

  • Information overload. There were a lot of specialists teaching one thing (like building a website, or social media), so I felt I was given pieces of the puzzle.
  • I ended up chasing shiny objects (exhausting myself creating content or building a website) that didn't result in growth or paying clients. So many steps on YouTube, but how do they fit together and where to start?
  • I wanted to be my own boss but I had to learn how to be a good boss for myself so I actually achieved consistent results. 

As a Business Coach, I help aspiring and new entrepreneurs break away from the 9-to-5 to start and grow a business, even if you don't know where to start. I’ve helped clients to:

  • Start YouTube channels, that grow at 5,000+ subscribers per month
  • Organic growth hacking to achieve 500,000 monthly social media impressions in under a year
  • have new clients reach out each week to book and pay, without the pushy bro-marketing tactics that scared them away from online marketing
  • sell out their first mini-product launch in 24 hours
  • and start their own online businesses to leave the 9-to-5 in less than 12 months, even during the pandemic. 

From finding what you love to do to feeling confident selling yourself without self-doubt, I'm here to help and support you! Whether you want a job, freelance service or business is up to you after I give you the tools. 

The Happy Career Formula is the process I used to go from 0 to 70% response rate to jobs and eventually, I improved and expanded it to help entrepreneurs.

Every time I design a course, I'm designing with what I wish I had or knew when I was on my career journey. And I test it and share it with clients one-on-one to make sure it's helpful before I put it in a course for you. 

Making money cannot stop
when life goes wrong.

You need tools and resources to design
your career or business to align with your goals and situation. 

The Happy Career Formula
with Jette Stubbs

The Happy Career Formula provides a podcast, online courses, and coaching to teach purpose-driven overwhelmed and underemployed new entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals and recent graduates:

  • How to build a way to make money that aligns with who you are whether that’s a job, freelance service or business so you can expand your impact on the world, earn what you’re worth and build a life you live on your own terms

  • How to market yourself with confidence, without feeling salesy or sleazy like a marketing machine. No more shoulders cringing with discomfort as you try to sell. So you can consistently attract clients, companies and opportunities

  • How to land the dream gig and transition from building a career to starting a business, even if you hate marketing yourself and don’t have a business idea yet

See exactly what clients have to say...

Whenever I design something or speak with a potential client, I ask myself three questions: What's in it for you? Will it be worth your investment of money? Will it help you with your unique situation? The truth is... for me, this is about impact and making sure people are equipped with tools to build careers and businesses that align with who you are, without confusion or anxiety on what to do next.

Laura A

"With one phone call, I realized the actual value of my skills and the proper way to present them to future employers. She made me see how I was undermining my skills and opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. It was a confidence booster of sorts. Sometimes we don't realize what we know until someone else points it out."

Gregory C

"I lacked the confidence to apply for these high-level jobs and you showed me that it was in my grasp to apply and I received callbacks for jobs that were 3x my current salary. You are completely present and genuine and your sense of what I needed is uncanny and amazing."

Brittany C

"landed a book editing position with my favourite online publishing platform. Also Jette taught me how to become my own boss. With her help I’ve learned how to acquire clients, set up systems and how to retain clients by providing value and meeting their needs. I quit my job in the pandemic and replaced most of my income in 60 days while doing what I love."

Jon S

"I have over 500,000 monthly twitter impressions, and I gained 611 new followers last month. When I started with Jette I had no social media accounts! I sold out my first product launch in 24 hours. I have a new found confidence in life and a stronger sense of who I am. This goes beyond my work and has led to better relationships with friends and family."

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