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You've got questions: What's in it for you? Will it work for your unique situation? Will it be worth the money?

See exactly why new entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals and recent graduates are talking about the "career advice with soul" to help you find a job or start a business

After working in career development and entrepreneurship in over 40+ industries, clients have achieved up to 3X their salary and selling out their product launch in 24 hours. I've narrowed systems, strategies and tools that work.

Each course and coaching package is specifically designed as an investment in tools to sell yourself and create your career or business growth. 

It's not a "magic pill" - it takes effort on your part. To be honest, if you're willing to put the work in and it doesn't work for you, I don't want your money. That's why every package has money back guarantees. I'm confident in what I do. 

Aren't you ready to have the steps and tools to grow your career or business without confusion or anxiety?

Brittany C.

"This felt like a robust crash course on how to start my business. Reminds me of high school cheat sheets where they break EVERYTHING down. The only difference? The stories are great (as usual) and the comparison to dating wasn’t just a compare and contrast piece it was entertaining. Breaking down into phases really put the concept into perspective.

With her services I’ve been able to go from a freelance copywriter with sporadic contracts, to a book coach who landed a book editing position with my favourite online publishing platform. Also Jette taught me how to become my own boss. With her help I’ve learned how to acquire clients, set up systems and how to retain clients by providing value and meeting their needs. I quit my job in the pandemic and replaced most of my income in 60 days while doing what I love."

Jon Aaron S.

"The results were stunning. From nothing -  nothing - Jette taught me to design a plan. I identified the potential local and international audiences, and strategized to reach them.  I have over 500,000 monthly twitter impressions, and I gained 611 new followers last month. When I started with Jette I had no social media accounts! I sold out my first product launch in 24 hours. I have a new found confidence in life and a stronger sense of who I am. This goes beyond my work and has led to better relationships with friends and family."

Mishka W, RN, MBA

"Jette is welcoming. She invites conversations about more than just typical career and finance struggles, but life planning. She pushes people to not just settle with where they are. She paints a picture of what your future could be. 

While working with Jette, I successfully applied for an MBA (and she coached me through the application) and I landed my first leadership role. She opened up a new world of career possibilities and exciting career challenges."

Here's the #1 thing clients like you want:

enjoyment and flexibility in your work

"But is it realistic?"  you ask.

There's a part of you saying:
"I know it's not the career of the century, but this is normal. This is life."

 The truth is:
You're already working hard.
You don't need to work harder.
You should be taught how to work smarter.

Want To Take Your Next Step?

You should design your career to fit your life, instead of getting a job and trying to squeeze in your life with the few hours you have left. 


Philip S.

"I realized that I haven't been doing what I love because I didn't think the fairy tale ending was for me. I thought because I didn't have the ABCs 123s I didn't fit the mold. This made me stop and ask who I am and where I want to be, which I realized is part of the reason for this. Everything just clicks. 

The gems the average person don' t think about hit you like a mack truck going 100 mph. It's as if you're in my mind. 

I used to look at business as something where I sell something at good enough value I can make money off of it, regardless of what that something was. I am seeing I am my own best asset and I have to market myself as such. To enjoy what I love doing I have to approach it from the mindset of knowing what my value proposition is. I feel this is an approach all entrepreneurs should use whether successful or trying to find their way. It's almost criminal this isn't what we are taught in school. "

Sangeeta J.

"I had given up on finding new work opportunities and spent so long without getting interviews. I started working with Jette and implemented her techniques and I was going to new interviews each week for roles I was excited about that paid up to $25,000 more!!!

I had forgotten what it felt like to be able to attract attention from employers. I had a new job in a few weeks! I highly recommended her to my husband and friends, and definitely to YOU!

Update: 1 year later I am still receiving compliments on my resume and interview style and I landed another new job, another level up with even greater supervisory responsibility. Thank you!"

Gregory C.

“My heartfelt thank you for your work in helping me form, define and turn on my career vision into a reality.

I received much more than I expected from a career coach. It was clear after our first meeting that I would be having to face my fear of losing the stability I had with my first job straight out of University and enter into the unknown to find a career that suits me better and where I will feel fulfilled. I also significantly appreciated your no-nonsense approach to career coaching which helped keep me focused on the process. I lacked the confidence to apply for these high-level jobs and you showed me that it was in my grasp to apply and I received callbacks for jobs that were 3x my current salary. You are completely present and genuine and your sense of what I needed is uncanny and amazing. I left each meeting not only with intentions and actions but more importantly with an enthusiasm and sense of purpose that I have not experienced in a very long time.

Jette, I thank you very much for your outstanding work, energy and persistence. Thank you for connecting my head to my heart."

Imagine if...

you use one set of principles and processes
that's worked in 40+ industries

from entry-level to senior leadership

to new entrepreneurs

Laura A.

"With one phone call, I realized the actual value of my skills and the proper way to present them to future employers. She made me see how I was undermining my skills and opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. It was a confidence booster of sorts. Sometimes we don't realize what we know until someone else points it out."

Dave C.

I didn’t think this would apply to me, I’m in my early 30s with a great job, was I ever wrongOnly wish I had this 10 years ago when I was applying for jobs fresh out of college. It really opened my eyes to the fact there is more.  More than just, get a good job with benefits, enjoy your 2 or 3 vacations a year, grow old and retire with just enough money to last till death. Sounds terrible when written, right. I got the motivation and confidence to apply and land a supervisor role, and also started actively investing.”

Fatima K.

"Each lesson moved my growth to levels that I did not know were within my grasp.  Having years of business experience, I was surprised to learn so much from the material, seeing a perspective on business that was new and fresh and very feasible. With Jette, I did not just build a business, I built a business that supports me. Do yourself a favor and get some of these lessons in your corner."

Kristin F, PhD

"I knew my CV was sub-par and my cover letters were far from enticing (much less representative of my actual skills). The feeling after my first meeting with Jette is still hard to sum up into words. I can still feel the fresh positivity that day left me with, which was a feeling quite foreign after months of disappointing news. For the first time in 4 months, I felt like I was being seen. My experience being heard.

I can go on and on about the great career techniques and marketing strategies that Jette
taught me. I am now in the midst of my career, working for a multinational social media giant, utilizing my expertise as an onsite counsellor and group facilitator.

I know that I wouldn’t have landed this role if it weren’t for Jette’s directed career support. Most importantly - I am certain that I have not settled for the role I am in now. I have zero regrets. And if you work with Jette, I know you won’t either.

Zoe M.

"This felt like career advice with soul. I am a very stubborn person and it is hard for me to reach out for help. After applying to over 30 jobs after finishing my MA, and getting no responses at all, I was feeling dejected and hopeless. So I reached out to Jette, and what she was able to teach me changed my life! I cannot believe I went through 20+ years in the education system and never learned how to write a good resume or cover letter. 

 Within 3 weeks of learning and adapting my resume “Jette Style” I had an interview for my dream job. Although I didn’t land that job, I was their “second choice” which felt great after so many previous rejections. I have a job now that hits most of my requirements, but I always have a little “push” in the back of my mind knowing that if I keep my eyes open for more amazing jobs, I now have the skillset to go out there and get it!”

Jade H.

"I honestly don’t know where I'd be if it wasn’t for Jette and the amount of new insight and skills she’s brought to my life. She taught me to create systems that would allow me to make money while I sleep. She taught me a new way of thinking about business and success, and especially to know my true value, as a self employed artist. I’ve learned enormously and am still learning from her and her coaching. She understood my vision and helped me organize my ideas into a practical plan that I’ve applied over the last year. And I’m now about to begin living the way I’ve dreamed of for many years. Independent, doing what I love and confident in what I have to offer the world. It’s truly been a co-creative experience working with Jette, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to live their dreams and be in charge of their life, while maintaining a healthy state of mind (business and wellness)."

Ready to Take Your Next Step
In Professional Growth?

Let's be honest... you want to know if it'll work for your situation? The results you experience will vary based on your stage of career growth, effort and time you put in, willingness to be coached and more. 

I recommend hopping on a free strategy call to see how we fit. There's no pressure. I'll answer your questions so you can decide if you think the tools will be useful for you. 

Ready to Take
Your Next Step
In Professional Growth?

Let's be honest... you want to know if it'll work for your situation? The results you experience will vary based on your stage of career growth, effort and time you put in, willingness to be coached and more. 

I recommend hopping on a free strategy call to see how we fit so I can let you know if I think the tools will be useful for you. 

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