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The Happy Career Formula with Jette Stubbs is a podcast that enables new entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and recent graduates to take their next step in professional growth. Find what you love to do and turn it into a way to make money that aligns with who you are, where you can sell yourself with confidence. 

Whether you want a job, freelance service, or business,
the principles to
narrow down what you love to do and sell yourself are the same.

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What is "The Happy Career Formula"?

Meh... I know it's gimmicky but
 there's a story behind it. 

It all started with Jette's origin story:

When I had 90 days to
find a job or leave the country...

When I graduated from university, I had 90 days to find a job or leave the country. As an international student with no family in the country, 0 connections, and less than $100 in my bank account.

I realized I had no idea how to market myself

I developed a process for narrowing down my career choice and selling myself.

I went from a 0% response rate to 100+ job applications to 70% response rate to 10 applications. I call the process, my “happy career formula.” 

Eventually, I wanted to start a business and I realized...

Whether you want a job or start a business, the principles for 
finding what you love to do and selling yourself are the same. 

expanded and adapted my “happy career formula” to apply to career and business.

If you're here,
you don't just want any job.


You want to build a career or business that:

  • Aligns with who you are  so you can be authentic and thrive based on your personality, lifestyle and life goals. 

  • Makes a positive difference in the world so you are doing meaningful work you are proud of and excited to share and talk about.

  • Provides work-life balance so you can have time and flexibility for travel, exploring interests and spending time with loved ones.

  • Allows influence and control over your income and benefits so you can have " job security" on your own terms.

  • Gets people and companies excited to work with you with less chasing a dollar, which means you can sell yourself well so clients come to you without you feeling pushy, awkward or sleazy

No more imposter syndrome, toxic work environments, and conflicting one-size-fits-all career advice or business advice.

Start by learning how you can apply the lessons I learned when I had 90 days to find a job or leave the country...

and then started a business.

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What's in it for you?

See exactly why busy new entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and recent graduatesare talking about the listen-on-the-go lessons that feel like "career advice with soul."

In the podcast, you'll learn:

  • How to build a way to make money that aligns with who you are whether that’s a job, freelance service or business so you can expand your impact on the world, earn what you’re worth and build a life you live on your own terms 

  • How to sell yourself with confidence, without feeling pushy, salesy or sleazy like a marketing machine. No more shoulders cringing with discomfort as you try to sell, so you can consistently attract clients, companies and opportunities 

  • How to land the dream gig and transition from building a career to starting a businesseven if you hate selling yourself and don't have a business idea yet.

  • A different way to think about how education relates to your careerHow (if and when) to think about going back to school to pursue dreams and it's not what most people think. 

Whether you're focused on the job search or learning how to start a business online, you'll have an entrepreneurial spirit as you learn how to narrow down your career choice or business idea, make money and sell yourself without self-doubt. 


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Discover true stories, lessons and interviews with new entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals and recent graduates so you can realize you aren't alone in your professional journey. There are other people facing similar obstacles and you can learn from their journey. 

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Why should You Listen to Me?

I'm a Career Coach and Business Coach that helps new entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and recent graduates take their next step in professional growth with confidence narrowing down career choice or business idea, and selling yourself to make money. 

First, I help you narrow down your career choice. Then, whether you want land a job you love or start a business online, the principles for selling yourself are the same. It's up to you which path you choose after you're given the tools to show clients and companies how you help.

As a Career Coach, I’ve helped clients from entry-level to six-figure earners:

  • Interview for roles that pay $25,000 more within 10 days and up to 3X their salary in 3 weeks after revising their resume
  • Land contracts with Fortune 500, Social Media Giants, Big 4 Consulting Firms, & Big 5 Banks
  • Land their first supervisory roles  or their first six-figure jobs to break into management with new income potential 
  • Apply and get accepted into the Top Graduate & MBA Schools in Canada

As a Business Coach, I help new entrepreneurs break away from the 9-to-5 to start and grow a business, even if you don't know where to start. I’ve helped clients to:

  • Start YouTube channels, that grow at 5,000+ subscribers per month
  • Organic growth hacking to achieve 500,000 monthly twitter impressions in under a year
  • have new clients reach out each week to book and pay, without the pushy bro-marketing tactics that scared them away from online marketing
  • sell out their first mini-product launch in 24 hours
  • and start their own online businesses to leave the 9-to-5 in less than 12 months, even during the pandemic. 


Access Listen-on-the-go Lessons

Even if you have "no idea" what you want to do and hate selling yourself, you can still build a way to make money that aligns with who you are and develop confidence selling yourself. Listen in to other people who are at different stages of their career growth or business growth so you can learn lessons so you can make progress too. 

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