Do You Want to Confidently Sell Yourself And...

Take the Next Step to A Career (Job or Business) You Love?

Even if...

  • You're frustrated, overworked and stressed out with your current job (or company)...
  • You've been seriously looking to make a change for a while now, but you're stuck
  • You feel like you did what you're supposed to do - hard work, qualifications, experience, drive, technical skills, but you're still struggling to pull together a career that aligns with who you are where you feel seen and valued (and not stressed out daily working 60+ hour weeks)...
  • You are unsure how to narrow down your best choice
  • You are struggling to sell (yourself/products/services) to tap into the right opportunities where life feels balanced 
  • You know its time you get professional help so you can create the career flexibility and unlock your growth potential

You want to earn what you're worth and enjoy what you do while having career (job or business) growth.

You don't want to feel like you have juggle work you don't like to pay the bills.

When you first started looking, you were optimistic about your prospects.  

Since then, time has gone by and....
you continue to put your effort either into the ‘black hole of no response’
or more often, not-the-right responses from clients or employers 
(lack luster job offers where you know you'll be overworked or clients who don't call back or low-ball you)

When you can't see your options, you feel stuck… and your confidence has gotten to an all-time low.

What am I doing wrong?,” you ask yourself.

When you struggle, you think there’s something wrong with you. You think it’s your fault.

Or even worse, you tell yourself,
"this isn't the career of the century, but this is normal. This is life."

If you haven't yet, you can find what you love to do and...
sell yourself to do it at a higher-income.

The truth is: Employers and clients cannot reject you.

They do not know you.
They only know how you are offering to help them - the version of your "offer to help" you are presenting to them in your resume, LinkedIn profile, or business product/service descriptions.

But once you know how to approach career growth the right way, you can flex between attracting employers for jobs and clients to start a business for yourself, so you design a career to fit your life.

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See Exactly What Clients Had to Say...
After Working with Jette



I've helped over 1,200 professionals in 40+ industries to stop feeling stuck.

Ready to design a career to fit your lifestyle, whether it's a job, freelance service or business?

Get your questions answered and let's talk about how you can expand your career options, so you can love what you do.

 Are you the next Kristin, Brittany, or Jolie?

 Or are you like David...


David is an aerospace engineer (rocket scientist) with a PhD who has worked on multi-million dollar aircraft.

After working with me, he said...

I had never talked to any career coach in my life because I felt I had everything figured out.

I did not feel I needed anyone to tell me what to do… I thought that my knowledge was sound enough to get me by. I was wrong.

The truth is: Sometimes, we all need a little help to get by. 

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How Does It Work...

Whether the dream gig is a job, freelance service, or business...
There are 7 stages of professional growth - Which one are you in?  


Together we'll talk about:

  1. identifying your stage of professional growth
  2. top 1 to 3 progress killers slowing down your growth. 
  3. 4-step action plan based on your type and stage with audio lessons including a sample of a coaching session so you can see how we fit.

You'll access:

  • Full 1-on-1 30-min Session With Me. Based on your stage of professional growth, we'll apply the happy career formula to your situation and see if there's a fit. 


Plus after the call, I'll give you:

  • Complete 5-Day Crash Course on how to go from "no idea" to systems to sell on auto-pilot, whether the dream gig is a job, freelance service or business
  • Free fill-in-the blank formula to sell to clients or companies, without feeling pushy or forced
  • 3 listen-on-the-go audio-lessons to put the happy career formula in action with real client examples, so you can build your happy career too

You'll uncover exactly why Zoe M. called this, "career advice with soul."

If there's a fit, you can access 3 coaching packages:

  • Find What You Love to Do: With a tested idea, you'll have a foundation for building wealth.
  • Land More Jobs You Love: Unlock better jobs with higher-salaries and flexibility. It's time to feel valued at work.
  • Start a Business: Unlock a guide to build a happy business that aligns with who you are.

Each course and coaching package is specifically designed as an investment in tools to sell yourself and create your career or business growth. 

It's not a "magic pill" - it takes effort on your part. To be honest, if you're willing to put the work in and it doesn't work for you, I don't want your money. That's why every package has money back guarantees. I'm confident in what I do. 

Ready to have the steps and tools to grow your career (job or business) with less confusion or anxiety?


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