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I offer a podcast, online courses and coaching to help you take your next step in professional growth, whether that's a job, freelance service or business.

In today's digital age, it's SUPER important to feel there's a human behind every message. I want you to know it's  WELCOMED for you to reach out and share your thoughts. 

I know it's important to connect with and reach out to the human behind the story. Are you ready?

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Here's how you can reach out so you can share your thoughts, ask a question or work together. Your messages go directly in my inbox. Say what you want.
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Send a voice note to ask a question, say thank you or share your thoughts in 90-second or less. Your questions could be answered in an upcoming podcast episode. Don't worry, I'll ask your permission before sharing anything publicly. It's quick, easy and you can say exactly what's on your mind with the press of a button, so you can be on your way.

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Have a longer question? Want to share your success story? Want to invite me to speak somewhere? Then, send me an email with the details. Say what you want. I usually respond within 3 business days. 

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Your messages go directly into my inbox.

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Want to work with me? Have questions about an online course or coaching? Let's identify your stage of professional growth, with the top 3 progress killers slowing down your growth, and a 4-step action plan.  Get access to the tools to create professional growth through a unique combination of online courses and coaching designed for you.

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See exactly what clients who booked a call or worked with me had to say. 


Laura A

"With one phone call, I realized the actual value of my skills and the proper way to present them to future employers. She made me see how I was undermining my skills and opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. It was a confidence booster of sorts. Sometimes we don't realize what we know until someone else points it out."

Gregory C

I lacked the confidence to apply for these high-level jobs and you showed me that it was in my grasp to apply and I received callbacks for jobs that were 3x my current salary. You are completely present and genuine and your sense of what I needed is uncanny and amazing. 

Brittany C

"landed a book editing position with my favourite online publishing platform. Also Jette taught me how to become my own boss. With her help I’ve learned how to acquire clients, set up systems and how to retain clients by providing value and meeting their needs. I quit my job in the pandemic and replaced most of my income in 60 days while doing what I love."

Jon S

I have over 500,000 monthly twitter impressions, and I gained 611 new followers last month. When I started with Jette I had no social media accounts! I sold out my first product launch in 24 hours. I have a new found confidence in life and a stronger sense of who I am. This goes beyond my work and has led to better relationships with friends and family."