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I offer a podcast, online courses
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help people
find what they love and
do what they love.

Whether you want to
find a job, go back to school, 
or start and grow a new business
you’ll act like a budding entrepreneur.


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In Order to Build a
Job, Freelance Service or Business

You want a reliable way to make money that:

  • Aligns with who you are  so you can be authentic and thrive based on your personality, lifestyle and life goals. 

  • Makes a positive difference in the world so you are doing meaningful work you are proud of and excited to share and talk about.

  • Provides work-life balance so you can have time and flexibility for travel, exploring interests and spending time with loved ones.

  • Allows influence and control over your income and benefits so you can have " job security" on your own terms.

  • Gets people and companies excited to work with you with less chasing a dollar, which means clients come to you without you feeling sleazy.

But there's a BIG problem...


It hasn’t been working and...

 You're stuck on what to do next.  

You've been searching for a way to
build a reliable source of income doing work you love, but
there's so much conflicting advice you don't know where to start. 

 Do you ever feel like your shoulders cringe when  
 it's time to talk about yourself or sell yourself? 

Even if you find what you love to do, you have to
figure out how to get someone or a company
to pay you to do it...
or show clients and employers you can do more. 

You've tried to figure it all out.
You attended workshops, listened to podcasts,
tried Google or YouTube  "University" but...

You can't help but wonder how
you'll ever build a career or start a business you enjoy.

Here’s why....

I'm going to show you why it hasn't been working through my doodles. Hope you enjoy :)
You've been taught using...

 The Old Way 


  You've Already Tried It All  

using the old way.

You’ve been talking about your experience and degreesand that’s gotten you nowhere.

You think if you just do things -
get degrees, build your experience -
and then someone will
see you and recognize your hard work, "give you an opportunity" to grow your career and choose to pay you. 

Do you ever feel like
 you did what you were supposed to do  - school...
....maybe even more school,  volunteering or work - but it's not turning into a reliable growing career or business path doing what you enjoy.

You feel stuck. I did too.

What if there's a better way...

You're ready for...

 The New Way 


People and businesses
pay to solve problems or to achieve goals.

So if you want to make money, you need to identify the problems you solve and the goals you help people or companies achieve.

 You are the solution to a 
 company or client’s  problem.  

 You are filling in a 
 missing piece they need to achieve their goals. 

You will explain how you help to sell yourself without self-doubt to expand your earning potential. 

 You will align your interests or passion(s) into a way to help others. 

I'm Here to Tell You:

There's a better, more effective way to
attract job offers or clients.

 Believe it or not, you don't need to be an "expert" or have decades of experience. 

It's time to simplify professional growth by using
a problem-solving approach like an entrepreneur, so
you can expand your earning potential on your terms. 

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Here’s how career success really works…

Every Job, 
Freelance Service or Business

is based on
solving a problem 
or helping
achieve a goal 
for a client or company.

So you can...
 Choose the problems you solve and transformation you deliver

After you narrow down the problem you solve,

Then you decide if you want...
a Job, Freelance Service or a Business.

I help you figure out...

the problem you solve, so you can market and sell yourself to solve the problem and deliver solutions that companies or clients are ready to pay for.

Then, you can choose...

if you want to work with one or many clients.

So what's the difference??

Between a job, freelance service, or business

  • If you have one client, your employer - you have a job.

  • If you have many clients,  you have a business and will create systems to support you in serving those clients effectively.

 The same marketing principles apply .

You'll use an entrepreneurial spirit and practical entrepreneurial strategies to learn how to avoid or leave a boring or stressful 9-to-5 to design your career or take the next step in profressional growth. You can start a business by increasing the number of clients you serve. 

What if there’s a way…

To have  one place  to learn how career and business works
...With  no more conflicting advice  on what to do next
...And  no more struggling  to force one-size-fits-all advice or approaches to fit your needs
so you can  build a blueprint for growth  based on your unique situation

Your 3-Step Plan...
 to build and grow your earning potential on your terms

without stress overwhelm and anxiety

1. Book A Call

What Type of Professional Are you?

You can identify: your stage of professional growth, with the top 3 progress killers slowing down your growth, and a 4-step action plan with a sample of a coaching session so you can see how we fit. 

2. Let's Build Your Plan

On the free strategy call, we'll chat about where you are at, where you want to go and how to get there so you can take your next steps in professional growth. 

3. Achieve Growth

Get access to the tools you need to create professional growth through a unique combination of online courses and coaching designed for you. Find what you love to do, turn it into a job, freelance service or business designed to support your life goals. 

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Who Am I & Why
You Should Listen to Me?


Hey, I'm Jette Stubbs.

Career & Business Coach, Creator of The Happy Career. 

When I graduated from university as an international student during a recession, I had 90 days to find a job or leave the country with 0 connections and no family in the country.

I realized I had a ton of skills, but no idea how to market myself! I had to learn quickly. And I had a lot of self-doubt. I ended up going from 0% response rate to 100+ applications to a 70% response rate to 10 applications.

As a Career Coach, I have worked with career development across 40+ industries from aerospace engineering, business, healthcare, music, visual arts, zoology and so much more! I've worked with new graduates, graduate school applicants, seasoned professionals, and corporate executives.

Eventually, I wanted to
leave the 9-to-5....

I started my own business when life was throwing me curveballs, so I need to create more flexibility.

Now, every chance I get infront of an aspiring and new  entrepreneur, I help them avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes we all make in the beginning:

  • Information overload. There were a lot of specialists teaching one thing (like building a website, or social media), so I felt I was given pieces of the puzzle.
  • I ended up chasing shiny objects (exhausting myself creating content or building a website) that didn't result in growth or paying clients. So many steps on YouTube, but how do they fit together and where to start?
  • I wanted to be my own boss but I had to learn how to be a good boss for myself so I actually achieved consistent results. 

As a Business Coach, I help aspiring and new entrepreneurs break away from the 9-to-5 to start and grow a business, even if you don't know where to start. I’ve helped clients to:

  • Start YouTube channels, that grow at 5,000+ subscribers per month
  • Organic growth hacking to achieve 500,000 monthly social media impressions in under a year
  • have new clients reach out each week to book and pay, without the pushy bro-marketing tactics that scared them away from online marketing

From finding what you love to do to feeling confident selling yourself without self-doubt, I'm here to help and support you! Whether you want a job, freelance service or business is up to you after I give you the tools. 

There Are Life-Changing Moments That Each Of Us Face In Our Lives.

Moments that make us questions the things you were taught, circumstances that seem out of our control or impossible to fix. In these moments it's hard to keep working on your goals, but you have two options: to give up or strive for something that makes you happy.
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