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Land More Jobs You Love is an
Online Course with Career Coaching to

Use ‘Plug n’ Play’ Career Growth Strategies
To Get More Interviews and Job Offers for
the Jobs You Actually Want

…With The Work Experience and Education You Already Have.



You don't want to find just any job,
you want to a design a
career that aligns with who you are

And you want to access career tools so you can:

  • Create career growth while finding work aligned with who you are, focused on meaningful work you are proud of and excited to share, even if you don't know what that looks like (yet)
  • Sell yourself with confidence by getting crystal clear on how you help employers so employers get excited to hear from you, even if you hate talking about yourself right now
  • Stay on top of employers’ minds, by building a system to network with and attract employers to help them find you, starting where 95% of recruiters hang out
  • Earn trust with employers faster, by knowing what to say to employers using scripts and frameworks to help you speak employers' language so they're ready to work with you
  • Spend less time learning how to job search, and more time getting in front of employers to land the ‘right’ jobs that align with who you are.
  • Understand how to establish a career to be known, recognized and found by employers to do work that excites you and aligns with who you are.

And you want to take your next career step now because...

You're ready to feel respected at work, fulfilled, secure, inspired and most of all, valued...

To the overachieving hard working professional who did what they were “supposed to do” - hardwork, education, experience - and still is trying to turn it into the career you want, I saw you - and here’s what you drove me to do.

Introducing Land More Jobs You Love with

All The Tools You Need To Start And Grow A Career

 An online course with career coaching giving you ONE place to access career tools to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, brush up on your resume, increase your professional network, find mentors and ultimately, attract more job opportunities with higher earning potential.

In this online course,
you'll get access to:

10 Video Workshop Trainings:


  1. Land More Jobs You Love - discover the 10-step process to find what you love to do, narrow down your ideal career options and sell yourself with confidence, so you feel confident in making career choices without regret.

  2. Job Search Strategy - unlock a three-part job search formula to find your happy career ‘sweet spot’ using a job search rabbithole to tap into a world of jobs you’d love that you didn't even know existed until now

  3. Read Your Employer’s Mind - understand how to dissect a job description to understand the needs of the market and land yourself in the short-listed applicants

  4. Resumes that Convert - discover the ultimate resume bullet point formula in 4-steps so employers understand why they should hire you. Learn strategies I've used to get up to 70% response rate to job applications and help clients achieve up to 80% response rate. Typically rates range between 20% - 60%. PLUS successful examples of resume and cover letters successfully used for entry-level roles and $100,000 job opportunities

  5. Cover Letters that Convert - access two plug n’ play cover letter formulas successfully used for jobs from $45,000 to $147,000 to sell all the unique skills you've gained that don't fit into your resume so you can craft a compelling message about why companies should work with you. Without feeling awkward or sales-y. PLUS the "one thing" you should NEVER, ever, EVER do in your cover letter (unless you want to be in the rejection pile).

  6. LinkedIn "All Star" Champion Training Unlock the 4-step LinkedIn Optimizer system  so you can put your resume online where over 35 Million companies. You can reach LinkedIn "All Star" status so you're up to 40X more likely to show up in searches where 95% of recruiters search for candidates, so with time, employers and recruiters find you.

  7. Networking Strategy - use a three-part networking process to access mentors and tap into the hidden job market where it’s estimated 70% of jobs hide so you can access job opportunities you never knew existed, even if you’re afraid of sounding sleazy or salesy or your shoulders cringe when it’s time to reach out. 

  8. Elevator Pitch - use a fill-in-the-blank formula to compel and persuade employers in 90 seconds or less so that you confidently answer the most common questions, “Tell me about yourself,” “What do you do?” and “What kind of work are you looking for?”, while still feeling authentic and honest to who you are.

  9. Interview Prep - use the "5 Keys to Interview Success with Happier Employers" so that you prepare to interview so you can excite employers to hire you, or in a few of my clients’ cases - they were offered the job on the spot! PLUS 3 mindset shifts so you can walk into an interview without the self-doubt, nervousness and jitters. Imagine confidently explaining the value you offer.

  10. Salary Negotiation - the practical salary negotiation strategies so that you know what to say when negotiating salary using salary negotiation email templates, salary negotiation scripts and how to counteroffer, so you can feel more confident explaining to employers why you should earn more and how to choose the amount. 

Workbooks, Examples & Templates:


  • Successful examples of resume and cover letters successfully used for entry-level roles and $100,000+ job opportunities

  • Resume & Cover Letter Templates - Fill in in the blanks and pre-designed templates so you can stop stressing over "Is this designed, right?"

  • Land A Job You Love Workbooks - From find what you love to do to understanding how to land your job or take your next step

See exactly what clients have to say...


Silvia Y

With Jette's guidance, I learned how to effectively align my resume with the job description during the interview. Previously, I believed I didn't bring a lot of transferable skills to the job (even though I did!). After working together, I'm much more confident in matching my skills to the key terms in the job description during the interview. By the end of my first interview, they told me I'd be moved to the second round of interviews. I got the job offer. Jette will do everything in her power to help you advance to the next stage of the interview process and eventually, land a job offer.

Mohammad Z.

I felt stuck in my career, and not sure how to grow professionally. I have been underestimating myself: my experiences and qualifiications. I started getting job interviews, and landed on a job paying me 25% more and puts me on a growth trajectory! It's one of the best investments I made to help with my career. Not only did I land a better paying job, but having a professional who works hard to understand your professional background, your culture, and your needs and works with you to design a plan and incorporate a new mindset, is something very rare, so Jette is HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended.

Now You Can Land More Jobs You LOVE
without constantly wondering "What career is right for me" or "what to say to employers"

Because that kind of guesswork is for rookies (if you lack career tools). And with the toolkit and goodies inside Land More Jobs You Love by your side, you can ditch the self-doubt and fear of selling yourself for good
...and become the expert on your career growth. 

 An online course with career coaching giving you ONE place to access career tools to narrow down your next career step, overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, brush up on your resume, increase your professional network, find mentors, stay on top of employers' minds  earn employer trust faster and ultimately, attract more job opportunities with higher earning potential that align with who you are.

Land More Jobs You Love


Most Popular (Course)

For the 100% self-paced DIY-er, finish in 1-week or take as long as you like.  Work at your pace. 

10 Modules in the Land More Jobs You Love Course:

  • Land More Jobs You Love
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Read Your Employer’s Mind
  • Resumes that Convert 
  • Cover Letters that Convert
  • LinkedIn "All Star" Champion Training
  • Networking Strategy
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Interview Prep 
  • Salary Negotiation 

 Other Course Features:

  • Workbooks & Templates from resume and cover letter templates to salary negotiation scripts
  • Successful examples of resume and cover letters successfully used for entry-level roles and $100,000 + job opportunities
  • Lifetime access to member's portal
  • Access to all future updates to the course

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and get a bonus 30-min 1-on-1 Coaching Session

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Platinum Career


Course + 1-on-1 Coaching

For a stressed-out ambitious job seeker, who wants a second set of professional eyes to review your work. 

  • All 10 modules in the Land More Jobs You Love Course Material from job search to salary negotiation

Other Course Features:

  • Workbooks & Templates from resume and cover letter templates to salary negotiation scripts
  • Successful examples of resume and cover letters successfully used for entry-level roles and $100,000 + job opportunities
  • Lifetime access to member's portal
  • Access to all future updates to the course

Plus with Platinum Support, You'll Get...

Five (5) One-on-one Coaching Sessions

Ultimately, we can chat about whatever questions you have during our allotted time. Here's a sample of what we can cover in five (5) 60-min sessions. 

  • Career Choice & Exploration Feedback
  • Resume or Cover Letter  Review
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization Feedback
  • Mock (Practice) Interview
  • Practice Salary Negotiation Discussion

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See exactly what clients have to say...


Gregory C., BA

I lacked the confidence to apply for these high-level jobs and you showed me that it was in my grasp to apply and I received callbacks for jobs that were 3x my current salary. You are completely present and genuine and your sense of what I needed is uncanny and amazing.

Zoe M., MA

After applying to over 30 jobs after finishing my MA, and getting no responses at all, I was feeling dejected and hopeless.  Within 3 weeks of learning and adapting my resume “Jette Style” I had an interview for my dream jobAlthough I didn’t land that job, I was their “second choice” which felt great after so many previous rejections.

Kristin F., PhD

I can go on and on about the great career techniques and marketing strategies that Jette taught me. I am now in the midst of my career, working for a multinational social media giant, utilizing my expertise as an onsite counsellor and group facilitator.

I know that I wouldn’t have landed this role if it weren’t for Jette’s directed career support. Most importantly - I am certain that I have not settled for the role I am in now. 

I have zero regrets. And if you work with Jette, I know you won’t either.

Mishka W, MBA

Jette is welcoming. She invites conversations about more than just typical career and finance struggles, but life planning. She pushes people to not just settle with where they are. She paints a picture of what your future could be. 

While working with Jette, I successfully applied for an MBA (and she coached me through the application) and I landed my first leadership role. She opened up a new world of career possibilities and exciting career challenges.